Millrose Games

It’s exams week and there is no time to do anything but study! However, I have a few minutes in between studying PowerPoints for tomorrows first midterm to throw some pictures up from yesterday’s Millrose Games. 

Watch the race here!




Runners on your mark



Enjoying the experience
All smiles for the coaches!



I ragged on the kids for getting pictures with everyone, but when Nick Willis ran by, I needed one!!!

In short, this day was a combination of hard work, mental preparedness, and being hungry.  I’m sure if you ask our guys though, they will say they are not close to done.

As for me, we are entering a string of midterms, so my posts will be sparing.  With all this new knowledge, I will be back at full force with some very insightful posts!  Thanks for following my journey!

St. Benedict’s Prep with former alumni Edward Cheserek!


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