Summer Break (kind of)

2-3 weeks ago we finished our three-week “intersession” semester consisting of Genetics/Embryology and Psychosocial Behaviors thus finally completing our first year of physical therapy school. It was a huge relief as it concluded 9 months of non-stop classes!  I pulled my GPA up leaps and bounds from first semester and have hit a point where I feel like I don’t have to constantly worry so much about grades and can focus more on learning and enjoying the material! Although I am very excited to start my second year, (I’ve heard this is where you learn a lot of the “good stuff”) I am quite content with taking a two-month break to relax and focus on other things.

Spring track also finished one week ago in Greensboro, North Carolina at the outdoor national championships.   Although we did not bring as many people as we had hoped, there was a strong showing from freshman Ronald Kigen who nearly won the freshman 2-mile championship!  I am looking forward to next year while keeping my fingers crossed that my schedule will enable me to stay very involved on a daily basis.

St. Benedict’s Prep Coaching Staff at our end of the year awards dinner.


I’m particularly looking forward to having this 2-3 month break because it has given me the opportunity to pursue another passion that I have always had: which is always having wanted to organize, promote, and host a running or track competition. Two months ago after speaking with a good friend, this dream became a reality. The brains behind this concept, Justin Wood (head coach of Stevens Institute), had a brilliant idea to host an elite high school track and field showcase event. An event where high school athletes can compete with one another in front of college coaches who are starting their recruiting process. Since this conversation, our idea bloomed into a reality and we have grown the meet slowly.

To date, we have 100’s of athletes signed up for both showcases, dozens of college coaches from around the country who will be in attendance, sponsors, and competitive fields, which should produce some great marks!


Newark Schools Stadium, the site of our Elite High School Track & Field Showcases!

I am very excited for this opportunity to work with Justin and we believe this meet could grow into something very special. I am really excited to be able to continue to organize meets like this as a future physical therapist!

If you are around on July 8 or July 22, consider coming to Newark Schools Stadium to watch some of the best track athletes on the east coast! The first event is scheduled to begin at 5:00 P.M.

You can find additional information from out website by clicking here –>  Elite High School Track & Field Showcase

For now, it’s 3-4 weeks of grinding to make these two meets incredible.   If you have any suggestions or comments on how to make the meet even better then be sure to reach out to me –>  E-mail me!


One thought on “Summer Break (kind of)

  1. It’s been fun reading about your PT school experience so far! I have not read all of your posts yet, but I’m getting there. I dream about going one day too :)) I’m loving that you were able to coach while in school too, and that you even have side projects in the works. Hope your finals went well!


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